Lazy post: what can I do with an Intel Xeon E5645 6-core 2.4Ghz processor? Just the processor. No board, nothing. Could I use this to make a Hackintosh laptop? No, seriously.

Today was a good day of coding. I wish I could have them everyday.

Saturday and Sunday I spent a good deal of time outside. On Saturday it was over 90 degrees and Sunday was 105. Both days my Apple Watch was dead before bed. Today I was mostly inside. Battery is at 58% at 7:50PM. The heat makes a big difference.

Me: I’m gonna work on my app tonight.

Me after dinner: I’m tired. What’s on TV?

Go support the brilliant man who made the mock Presidential seal.…

Today’s t-shirt 2A558111-900F-4240-81DC-4D58B09032CC.jpg

Ok, folks. Please recommend your favorite Barleywine. Anything with monster flavor. I’ll also take an IPA or Stout aged in whiskey barrels. Cheers. 🍺

Getting close to the hottest part of the year. B67175A0-C76A-4857-B7C5-66033B3E5149.jpg

I ran across this gig this morning while reading a post about Breaker’s CarPlay app. If you’re looking for an exciting iOS job this could be it.

Time for a Back to the Future movie marathon.