Wow, Disney+ is going to be $6.99 a month. That’s wild. I’m guessing that means Apple TV+ will be at least $29.99 a month. 😘

It looks like @brentsimmons had the same idea as I had. I’m working on a River of News RSS reader like he describes. It’s about 50% complete on iOS but the Mac version is lagging behind. 70C1A2E0-7326-42DA-B128-3F1D5F5D780C.jpg

I’ve had three iPhones. I don’t upgrade every year. I’ve had the iPhone 4, 5c, and 7. I’ve only had my 7 for a year so I may wait another year to get a new phone. But that XR is super tempting as is the new watch.

Well, I’m guessing not many folks follow me at the moment. There’s really no way to tell that I’m aware of. Engagement is definitely not happening unless I engage with the popular crowd. Does this place have staying power? Maybe not for me? We’ll see.

I love the company I work for. I love my friends. I even love working on the product. But… I want something more. I want to work on my own thing everyday. I’ve wanted that for years. I just can’t make it happen.

I started working on a Mac blog editor at the end of last year. After a while I realized it was going to take a long time to complete so I decided to do something smaller. That smaller thing was an RSS reader. What was I thinking? 😳